A Dream

“Breathing dreams like air.”

– F. Scott Fitzgerald

     A dream is defined by Merriam-Webster as: a strongly desired goal or purpose.
     I couldn’t agree more. I’ve always loved to write. Many times over the last twenty years, as I was raising my daughters, I would pick up my pen and think, ‘Today is the day I will begin to write.’ However, inevitably, the many tasks required of a mom/wife would intervene. I would tell myself that I just didn’t have the time to write. For years I chose to put the needs of others before my own dream.
    During those years, I would read countless books and think, ‘I could do that. I could write a book.’ I’ve always had a vivid imagination. Ideas for stories would be brewing in my mind constantly. Unfortunately they would remain there, never to be transcribed onto a page. That is, until my oldest daughter encouraged me to write. I guess in my mind I felt like I could finally give myself permission to do something for myself. So with my family’s support, I began to write. I experienced a high that no drug in the world could match. When I wrote, I felt complete. Like I was doing what I was meant to do. Stress would melt away as the ink filled the page.
    Flash-forward a few years to today and I have self published two books with a third in the works. Do I still tend to put others needs before my own? Yep. Do I still feel guilty about the time I spend writing? Sometimes. Does writing still make me happy? Absolutely. Am I a New York Times best selling author? Not yet, but whenever the little voice in my head tells me I should give up…I dismiss it. There is a large part of me that won’t allow me to give up on my dream. Is it because there is a best seller in my future? Is it because it makes me happy? Is it because I want to be an inspiration to my daughters to not give up on their dreams? Hopefully all of the above.
    We all have dreams. They don’t all look the same, but they are all equally important. Whatever your dream may be…Don’t Give Up! Even when it’s not easy…Don’t Give Up!

Published by Dorothea Lynne - Author

Dorothea is the author of 3 novels...so far. Her current work in progress is a mystery/romance.

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